MP3 Attunement – Martin Brofman
19 August 2021
MP3 White Light Vision Meditation – Martin Brofman
19 August 2021
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MP3 Love and Energie – Martin Brofman


Love and Energy makes you aware of the love and energy which surround you and flow through you, allowing you to direct them to the parts of your body that need them most.

Within the Hindu tradition, all that you can experience is divided into seven categories, each of which represents a particular part of your consciousness. The chakras are energy centers associated with these parts of your consciousness, as well as specific parts of your physical body. Returning to your natural state of wholeness involves restoring harmony to the physical body and to the consciousness within, through the rebalancing of these energy centers.
Music is energy, as is color. Vibrations of music affect our moods, as do the vibrations of colors, and they therefore affect our state of consciousness. These concepts have been used for centuries in cultures around the world by those interested in the process of healing.

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